Adler Kalium Sulfuricum 6X Tablet 100’s

48.00 د.إ

  • Homeopathic Prescription remedy
  • Potassium sulphate triturated homeopathically to 6X
  • Multipurpose medicine


Adler Pharma Schuessler Salt 6 Kalium Sulfuricum 6X stimulates cell metabolism, and restore the mineral imbalance by making the cells of the body susceptible for absorbing the minerals from food. Adler Schuessler Salts disintegrate and dissolve easily in mouth, making them very convenient to take on regular intervals. If necessary, they may be dissolved in a small amount of water, and then be sipped slowly.


  • For relieving chronic inflammations
  • Relieves chronic skin disorders
  • Fastens wound healing


  • General dosage for adults is 2 tablets x 3 times daily. See label for more information.
  • WARNING: Use as directed by Doctor only


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